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A rental disagreement or damaged tenant property could have serious financial consequences. Protect your business with property manager insurance.
Who needs Property Management Insurance coverage?

If you are involved in the following activities, it is important to have the right coverage and insurance policies:

  • Renting or leasing residential real estate to others
  • Managing rental properties for others
  • Contracting services for rental properties owners (ex. hiring or supervising property maintenance for rental properties)

Lawsuits related to this industry are common, and failure to have the proper protection in place can leave your business exposed to unnecessary risk.  Your clients also trust you to carry the right type of insurance to protect their biggest asset. The right policy can serve as an incentive to chose you as their property manager and will provide a tool to demonstrate your professionalism and care when acquiring new business. 

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What Does Property Management Insurance Cover?

Common coverages included in Property Management Insurance is property coverage for the physical building and/or property, commercial general liability, and errors & omissions liability (also known as professional liability). In addition to ensuring that your building and/or property is protected from common perils such as fire, it is typical to also have coverage for rental income replacement, sewer backup coverage, tenant damage coverage, and on premises pollution coverage, just to name a few.

Property Management Insurance coverage also protects property managers against allegations of negligence, claims and damages through the errors & omissions /professional liability coverage. Allegations of negligence resulting in bodily injury and/or property damage is covered by the commercial general liability coverage.

The errors & omissions/professional liability  portion of Property Management Insurance Coverage policies are usually issued on a “claims-made” basis. What this means is that coverage is triggered when a claim is filed and you report it to the insurance company.  Policies typically have a one-year term, with an annual premium and deductibles on a per-claim basis. In contrast commercial general liability coverage is almost always written on a per occurrence basis.

Property Management Insurance Coverage Claims Examples
  • Wrongful Eviction: As a property manager having the responsibility of evicting tenants when and/or where necessary, you have recently evicted a tenant. In evicting the tenant you did not follow the proper eviction process. The evicted tenant is now bringing forward a claim against you.
  • Tenant Discrimination: A potential tenant is claiming that you did not rent a property to them based on gender, race, or religion.
  • Resident Injury:  A tenant or visitor falls and injures themselves on your property.

Property managers shoulder great risks on behalf of their clients. Protect your business and/or that of your clients with a property management insurance policy. Even if you operate in a completely professional manner, you can still be sued for wrongful eviction or tenant discrimination. Ensure your business and your clients are properly protected, talk to us today to know more about property management insurance.


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Non-owned Auto Liability Coverage

Risk Factors
If an employee drives a rented vehicle for day – to – day work and meets an accident while on work, the third party can file a case against you.

Your homeowners insurance policy typically covers personal property, including the contents of your home and other personal items owned by you or family members who live with you. Make sure your homeowners policy includes replacement cost coverage for personal property so that you always receive the full cost to replace whatever item is damaged.

Note:  Please talk to your financial consultant to check all the facts before proceeding

Error & Omissions Coverage

Risk Factors
Like any service industry that provides a specialized service, property managers should carry professional liability insurance, often referred to as Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance.
This insurance is designed to protect you from claims against invasion of privacy, wrongful eviction, hiring unlicensed contractors, and other similar actions specifically related to the industry. Essentially, this insurance protects the tenant and landlord from a financial loss that is directly related to a mistake made by the property manager.

Note:  Please talk to your financial consultant to check all the facts before proceeding

General Liability Coverage

Risk Factors
If a resident or visitor falls and is injured on a property you manage, general liability insurance provides coverage for claims against you.
This type of policy provides coverage if you, your products, services, or employees are found to have negligently caused an injury or damage to someone else’s property. It covers damages for the injured party and any costs associated with your legal defence.

Note:  Please talk to your financial consultant to check all the facts before proceeding

Commercial Property Coverage

Risk Factors
Property managers are generally responsible for keeping insurance coverage on the buildings they manage, but this depends on their responsibilities as outlined in the contract with the property owner.
This protects a property manager’s assets after a physical loss due to smoke, fire, wind, hailstorm, vandalism, and other covered events.

Note:  Please talk to your financial consultant to check all the facts before proceeding

Professional Liability Coverage

Risk Factors
Similar to D&O coverage, professional liability coverage (also sometimes called “errors and omissions” or “malpractice” insurance) protect against liabilities resulting from mismanagement of the organization, as well as workplace-related claims such as discrimination or sexual harassment.
It can help cover not only directors and officers but also staff, volunteers, and the nonprofit organization itself.

Note:  Please talk to your financial consultant to check all the facts before proceeding

Workers Compensation Coverage

Risk Factors
General liability will not provide coverage for injuries to employees. These coverages are important because they address injuries to your human assets – your employees and your volunteer workforce.
Workers’ compensation pays medical expenses, disability, and death benefits for injured workers. Volunteer accident insurance pays for minor injuries to volunteers who are donating their time and expertise to your cause.

Note:  Please talk to your financial consultant to check all the facts before proceeding

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